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1 month+ before you move:

  • Schedule your move date and block off time on your calendar for your move.
  • Research and hire a moving company, moving trucks and/or ask friends to help with your move.
  • Gather/purchase moving supplies. If you are using a professional moving company, check to see what materials they will provide.
  • Begin packing items that won't be needed until after the move.
  • Find a new school, daycare and/or babysitter for your kids.
  • Obtain copies of school, medical, vet, legal and other various records.
  • Notify subscription & prescription suppliers of address change.
  • Find new doctors for the family.
  • Find a new vet.

2 weeks before your move:

  • Internet/TV/Phone - Contact Optimum at 1-877-810-6780 to transfer your services or become a new customer.  
    • Internet
    • TV
    • Phone
  • Call your utility companies to notify them of your move. If you are moving locally, set up the transfer of your service.
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Security System
    • Trash/Recycling
    • Oil/Gas
    • File your change of address with the US Post Office.
    • Notify the following of your new address
    • Employer
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Insurance Companies
    • Cellular Phone Company
    • Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions
    • Family and Friends
  • Sign up for renters/home owners insurance.
  • Finish home repairs.
  • Have a garage sale.
  • Map the nearest grocery store and hardware store to your new home.

1 week before your move:

  • Confirm your scheduled move with the moving company and/or truck rental company.
  • Keep a list of phone numbers for contacts that will be helping you with your move.
  • Finalize any documentation with your new home and pick up your keys.
  • Sign up for a landscaper and lawn care services.
  • Finish packing.
  • Plan or order meals for your move day.
  • Conduct one last check to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Clean the vacated space.
  • Ensure lights, heat and/or air conditioning has been turned off.
  • Ensure all items have been closed with your former residence (drop off keys, ensure you receive your security deposit, etc.)

After your move:

  • Go to the DMV to update your drivers license and car registration.
  • Order a security system.
  • Recycle your moving boxes.
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